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Child­hood Ill­ness Pilot- Par­ent Guid­ance sheet “What to do if your child is unwell” is a guide to deal­ing with mild, …
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The 111 Child­hood Ill­ness Pilot Through­out win­ter in 2017, Local phar­ma­cists from par­tic­i­pat­ing phar­ma­cies in Bark­ing and Dagen­ham, Haver­ing and …
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The draft PNA for Bark­ing and Dagen­ham that will cov­er 2018–2021, has been pro­duced and is open for con­sul­ta­tion. Please …
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Barking and Dagenham Pharmacies

Num­ber of Phar­ma­cies in Bark­ing and Dagen­ham: 38
Phar­ma­cy NameAddressPost­codePhone
Alvin Rose Chemist606 Long­bridge Road, Dagen­hamRM8 2AJ0208 590 1480
Andrew Bass Phar­ma­cy1148 Green Lane, Becon­tree Heath, Dagen­hamRM8 1BP0208 592 1756
Asda Phar­ma­cyAsda Super­store, Mer­rielands Cres­cent, Dagen­hamRM9 6SJ0208 596 5270
Boots the Chemist68 East Street, Bark­ingIG11 8EQ0208 594 2575
Boots the Chemist454 Lodge Avenue, Bark­ingRM9 4QS0208 592 5195
Boots the Chemist17 The Mall, Heath­way, Dagen­hamRM10 8RD0208 592 1001
Bri­tan­nia Phar­ma­cyBark­ing Com­mu­ni­ty Hos­pi­tal, Upney Lane, Bark­ingIG11 9LX0208 594 0364
Bri­tan­nia Phar­ma­cyThe River­gate Cen­tre, Unit 1 Minter Road, Bark­ingIG11 0FJ0208 594 9966
Bri­tan­nia Phar­ma­cy19 Fair­cross Parade, Upney Lane, Bark­ingIG11 8UW0208 594 2686
Bri­tan­nia Phar­ma­cyThames View Health Cen­tre, Bastable Avenue, Bark­ingIG11 0LG0208 594 3369
Bri­tan­nia Phar­ma­cy453 Porters Avenue, Dagen­hamRM9 4ND0208 592 1080
Bri­tan­nia Phar­ma­cy420 Wood Lane, Dagen­hamRM10 7FP0208 593 6213
David Lewis Phar­ma­cy16 Porters Avenue, Bark­ingRM8 2AQ0208 592 1557
Day Lewis Phar­ma­cy359 Rip­ple Road, Bark­ingIG11 9PN0208 594 1470
Day Lewis Phar­ma­cy2 Roy­al Parade Church Street, Dagen­hamRM10 9XB0208 5179142
Day Lewis Phar­ma­cy149 Broad Street, Dagen­hamRM10 9HX0208 592 0161
Day Lewis Phar­ma­cy7 Bea­dles Parade, Rain­ham Road South, Dagen­hamRM10 8YL0208 592 4787
Daynight Phar­ma­cy17 Sta­tion Parade, Bark­ingIG11 8ED0208 5910889
Han­ni­gan Phar­ma­cy240 Ben­netts Cas­tle Lane, Dagen­hamRM8 3UU0208 592 1752
Hedge­mans Phar­ma­cy438 Hedge­mans Road, Dagen­hamRM9 6BU0208 592 1063
Kry-Ba Phar­ma­cy21 Gores­brook Road, Dagen­hamRM9 6XA0208 592 4904
Lloyds Chemist167–169 High Road, Chad­well HeathRM6 6NL0208 590 2214
Lloyds Chemist281 Wood Lane, Dagen­hamRM8 3NL0208 592 1613
Lloyds Phar­ma­cy97–131 High Road, Chad­well HeathRM6 6PA0208 597 8192
Lords Chemist35 Sta­tion Parade, Bark­ingIG11 8EB0208 594 2332
Mas­taa-Care Ltd.26 Whale­bone Lane South, Dagen­hamRM8 1BJ0208 592 2497
May­ors Chemist214 Rip­ple Road, Bark­ingIG11 7PR0208 594 6646
Nuchem Phar­ma­cy778 Green Lane, Dagen­hamRM8 1YT0208 590 4921
Oxlow Chemist217 Oxlow Lane, Dagen­hamRM10 7YA0208 595 8527
Sand­bern Phar­ma­cy703–705 Green Lane, Dagen­hamRM8 1UU0208 590 4407
Super.Care Phar­ma­cy +198–200 High Road, Chad­well HeathRM6 6LU0208 590 1819
Super­drug Chemist12–13 Sta­tion Parade, Bark­ingIG11 8DN020 8594 4139
Talati Chemists282 Heath­way, Dagen­hamRM10 8QS0208 592 3321
Tesco Instore Phar­ma­cyHigh­bridge Road, Bark­ingIG11 7BS0203 281 7447
Thomas Chemist19 Rip­ple Road, Bark­ingIG11 7NN0208 594 2148
Valence Phar­ma­cy453 Becon­tree Avenue, Dagen­hamRM8 3UL0208 590 4811
Waller Chemist279 Heath­way, Dagen­hamRM9 5AQ0208 592 2934
Well Chad­well Heath- Rose Lane101/107 Rose Lane, Chad­well HeathRM6 5NR0208 590 0215



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